I create art because I wish to instinctively as well as intentionally embed my emotive responses in space and time. Inspiration comes from introspective contemplation of existential issues. Some recurring themes of interest include duality, illusion and obsession.  The world of emotions often appears to me as a diffused, multilayered and chaotic environment, which is not easy to decode or control.

Consequently, in the process of starting a new piece I often create meaning from seeing patterns in chaotic imagery and link those to my inner states, relationships and memories. Sharing these insights with the viewers and allowing them sufficient space to project their own completes the artwork.

The range of materials I use is linked to the concept or theme of the individual artwork. Creating installations have been my preferred method to approaching social and gender issues, while drawing allows me greater immediacy of my emotional response to observed or imagined subject matter.

Nevertheless, my continuous and marked preference is to painting. My paintings explore the link between reality and the subliminal. The rich and sensual quality of oil paint particularly appeals to me because it allows me to evoke broad range of emotional and mental states. Layered, organic and detailed surfaces characterise my more recent works. They contain a multitude of semi-concealed forms which grow in visibility with patient contemplation.